rybki pacyfika

once upon a time there was a princess who lived in an underwater palace.
every word she said to her fish friends came out as a pearl or a coral 
and soon she built  a wonderful coral city
 around her place just by telling stories. 
in the coral city everybody felt safe, warm and sparkly.
 fishes loved their princess so they decided to sing
 the most beautiful love song in the world to thank her.
 but the water there was so dense that the music materialized
 before it reached princess' ears 
 and the most beautiful love song in the world stayed there forever
 in a form of the pearly earrings.

(wire cloth embroidered with pearl, metal beads and steal trash)
i got inspired by: Steven Arnold, This story telling,
mermaid dream /by http://chang-diaz.com//,
National Geographic and my friend's bathroom fish farming

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