mon paletot aussi devenait idéal

While travelling by bus I watch people reading "The Legend of the Ice People", channel guides, Fakt and, what's most disgusting: I see them peering into my magazines or SMSes. My new rain cape will be a whiff of  fresh breeze in the stuffy public transport reading space. I bought a plastic cape for 3,95 zł ( ca 1 $) and using  a marker I covered it in Rimbaud's poems.
The coolest thing is I' don't speak French, although I know these textes, I'm not exactly  sure what's written on each one of my body parts . For me all these letters are more like decorative ornaments but with the deeply hidden symbolic. 

 thanks to sweetest sister ever
 I'm going to wear it over a trench. Can't wait.


  1. you inspire me loads.
    so happy i found this blog!



  2. that is really cool! i though it was some obscure designer piece.

  3. yes yes yes yes and yes. this rocks.