Riccardo, I claim that we share the same dark brain disease

I'm a horrible loster. One day after a painful scarf  lost I decided to change my life and become a finder, found objects user. With that idea on my mind I picked up a great leather glove, lying lonely on the street. Wondering what to do with such a beauty I  recalled a crazy project which had poped  into my head while  admiring Givenchy f/w 2010 show. When I first saw those purses I thought that they're attached to the gloves. Now I know they're not, but my surreal bag concept and love to Riccardo Tisci stayed alive.

I made that purse  using the found leather glove, which I decorated with some glass beads, and  a box I found in my basement. I was going to paint the box black and add some beads on the top of it, but I liked the contrast between the jewelled leather and the wood so much, that I left it rough. Crosses on the box were cut with a knife and painted. Yes' it's immpractical, you can't were it in summer. But I'm pure live impracticality , I don't think prêt-à-porter. 


  1. So, I freaking love this project; I wanted to let you know that I blogged and linked back to you here: http://bit.ly/dJVlIL

    I think you are absolutely wonderful.

  2. amazing, though it can be a real trouble maker in the toilet :*

  3. I want your box! It looks great! :)

  4. Anonymous3/02/2011

    So cool! I postet an inspiring picture of yours on my blog and linked to it :)