The Crown

Gaga Crown: 2 haedbands, black lace, beer can, elastic black fabric, metal cross, metal bolt, shower hose, wire and liters of hot silicone

I'm not what you call an outgoing person, but when it comes to dress-ups - I'm gaga. An opportunity to wear crazy outfits and make all the grannies on the bus piss their panties? write me in. I had a dream about that Lady Gaga Alejandro Crown some time ago. A dress up party was the reason I made it come true.
 As it was impossible and pointless to make a perfect copy (and my mum refused to sponsore an exclusive LED light bulbs set I wanted),  I modified it my way.  These pictures were taken "after", so you have to take me on my word that the crown was symetrical and the goggles weren't falling down "before".  It was worth it after all: now the barkeeper thinks my name's Gaga.

Bisous  to all you little  monsters!


  1. wyjebane, powiedz, że ty gdzieś to wystawiasz/sprzedajesz

  2. zamierzam to jeszcze powystawiać na swojej głowie

  3. a zdjąć byś się dała w sensie foci, cała na gagusię nawet? :c